Essay Contest (for International day Of Yoga)

For the last several years Embassy Of India has been organising the International Day of Yoga very successfully in Sarajevo. This year, due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are following social distancing and conducting many online activities related with Yoga. This year the theme for International Day Of Yoga is ’ Yoga From Home’ and focusses on helping people fight against Corona.

We would like to announce an ’Essay Contest’ on this theme for the University students with several prizes for which we would like your support in terms of:-

  1. —Publicity on all your social media pages for all the departments so that as many students come to know about it and avail the opportunity
  1. —Nomination of a Judge from the University to be part of the Jury

Terms Of Reference specifying the topic, rules , details of prizes pertaining to the contest is attached.

We would be pleased to build our association during these difficult times and connect the students with the larger cause of ’Yoga’ for health and wellbeing.

Looking forward to your positive response and support to make the International Day Of Yoga a success.


Terms and references of Essay competition on the occasion of International Day of Yoga:

  1. Last date for receiving the entries form the participants through email will be June 15th, 17:00 Hours
  2. The Topic for the Essay will be ’ The Science behind attainment of holistic health through Yoga’ ( Nauka koja stoji iza postizanja holističkog zdravlja kroz jogu)
  3. Language for the competition will by local language ( Bosnian)
  4. Each participating college will nominate one jury member
  5. The jury members nominated from each participating college will together judge all the entries
  6. Each jury member will be provided an honorarium of HUF 20000
  7. The responsibilities of the jury members from each college will include:
  • Publicising Essay competition in his/her college
  • Ensuring, as wide as possible, participation from his/her institute
  • All the entries would be received from the participant by the Embassy directly on the email id:
  • All the entries will then be sent to jury members for evaluation from the Embassy with code numbers
  1. The participants will get the following prizes:
  •  Prize for the 3 best entries out of all the colleges, 1 Global Prize from all cities
  • 10% of the number of students participating in the Essay Competition will get participation prize subject to the maximum of 10 participants per college
  • All the entries form different colleges will judged together and they will compete for the prizes.
  1. Once an entry has been submitted to the Embassy, the Embassy will have the full copyright on the contents of the entry submitted and may use the work for its publicity and other related purposes.
  2. The decision of the Jury members would be considered final.


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