The new model of education as well as the advancement of all interacademic and management potentials, with implementation of innovative applied knowledge skills, followed by scientific research and educational activities, are sign post an necessity for creating a society of knowledge, thus creating a proactive climate for sustainable and balanced relationship that human knowledge, expertize and capability are the most important resources and the drivers of economic and social changes. In this context, it is also important to point out the attitude of the World Bank Institute, which, under the development knowledge program, emphasized the relevant aspects necessary for the success of transition countries in the process of growing into the knowledge society, those being investment in education, development of innovation skills, modernization, communication infrastructure, and an efficient legal and economic framework that promotes innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth. These are all prerequisites for sustainable development, which, at the very end, represents the reference framework in which citizens will live in an established secure environment in the pursuit of their rights, needs and interests.

That is why we appreciate as justified request for the establishment of a modern high school institution that will enable key competencies for the students who need them for their personal development, as well as for their involvement in society and an employment. Of course, we should also point out their social responsibility in caring out highly responsible jobs and tasks and, through the concept lifelong learning, enabling various forms of focused permanent specialization. Because, „systems and systemic changes, better or worse, are not decisive by themselves. Critical are those who carry them out, i.e. teachers and students“ (Ivić, 2009). The stated views undoubtedly point to the willingness of investment not only of material nature, but also of investment in the development of human resources, i.e. in active, responsible and highly educated future generations. In according with this, education policy faces new challenges and changes, so we consider a completely justified requirement for a modern educational concept that is compatible with the needs of the future development of individuals and the society as the whole.

The Elaborate of the socio-economic justification of the establishment of the University of Modern Sciences-CKM, Mostar has a specific character, because it is not about the formation of a new academic institution but the independence of a part of the already existing private University „Hercegovina“. All the programs listed in the Elaborate of the establishment of a high school institution- The Faculty of Management of Resources- CKM  Mostar, which will continue at the new University, were accepted by the competent Ministry with the supplement resolution of 17 December, 2009. That resolution permits changing the previously mentioned name of High School for Business Economics-CKM, Mostar, as well as organizing graduate and postgraduate studies.

Department of Business and Tourism Resources

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