The founding of UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES-CKM MOSTAR is the result of the modern society requirements for creating innovative models of education and meeting the challenges of modern civilization. Modernity and unity of all study programs and fields of studies are recognizable qualities of the University. All five study programs in different fields of studies focus on developing the following:

  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Computational skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Management skills
  • Professional skills

Although newly established, this academic institution has its history. In Mostar, in 2004, there was CKM Ltd. that operated as an instructive and examination centre of English ICM, the renowned institution for vocational education.

In 2008, after registering and obtaining a business license, issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport at HNC, the CKM founded the Business Economics School (higher education institution).

At the beginning of April 2010, the activity of this academic institution expanded to the second and third Bologna cycles. The name of the institution was changed into the Faculty of Resources Management – CKM Mostar. By October 2014, the Faculty was a constituent of the “Herzegovina” University.

The working atmosphere in this academic institution is pleasant, and relationships among the academic staff members are friendly. It is a combination of both young and experienced professionals. A student may choose to study in English, or in the languages of the constituent peoples of BiH. Either way, the program provides intensive English language courses. The groups of students are not larger than 20 people. The classes are personalized and interactive to ensure students develop their creativity and skills to a high level.

As an institution of excellence, the University prepares students to become professionals able to meet the conditions of the European Community in which they will be full and equal to their European partners.

Given that education is a public good and a public responsibility, it is treated today as the most valuable investment in the future.