Quality Assurance

Based on the Rulebook on Quality Assurance and the Self-Evaluation Method adopted at the session of the Governing Board number: UV-89/2015 dated February 23, 2015, a Quality Assurance Committee was established. The organizational structure of the quality system consists of:

  • Quality Assurance Committee and
  • Student Council.

The Quality Assurance Committee performs the following activities:

  • Manages quality assurance system at the University
  • Proposes measures to increase the quality and change of the quality policy at the University;
  • Coordinates the quality reporting system;
  • Monitors the effectiveness of the quality improvement process;
  • Supervises the efficiency of the implementation of internal quality assurance mechanisms at the University level;
  • Initiates and proposes procedures and documents related to institutional accreditation of the University;
  • Performs other activities related to the development of a quality management system in higher education.

The Quality Assurance Committee has 11 members (of which 36.36% are students) and consists of:

Rector or Vice-Rector of the University,
Heads of departments of organizational units,
Coordinator for teaching at the University,
Representative of teaching staff,
Representative of associate staff,
Three student representatives,
External consultant.