Quality Policy

Quality Assurance of the UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES – CKM, Mostar (hereinafter referred to as University) is the basis for achieving academic excellence, increasing knowledge and skills of students and fulfilling the vision and mission of the University as an institution in which the realization and improvement of quality is the basis for performing all activities in teaching, research and professional activities.

This encompasses:

  • involvement and clear identification of role of students in quality assurance,
  • encouragement of  students’ mobility on national and international level,
  • implementation of interactive, proactive and practically oriented approach to teaching,
  • encouragement of cooperation with other educational institutions, companies, NGO’s, and other stakeholders on national and international level,
  • promotion of quality culture in all University activities,
  • setting and continuously improving standards in all aspects of teaching, scientific, research and professional activities,
  • continuous increase of knowledge and skills of employees through additional trainings, seminars, conferences, projects and mobility,
  • the responsibility of every University employee in the scope of his professional duties,
  • an effective reporting system that provides all the information needed to achieve and improve quality,
  • continuous evaluation of all activities at the University,
  • continuous cooperation with professional and regulatory bodies in the field of education on cantonal, entity and state level,
  • implementation of human sustainable development as a guidance of the University, where a student freely and consciously transforms his perception of environment in which he lives, with the goal to reach his full potential.

Acting Rector
Marko Matić, Ph.D.