The mandate of the Rector lasts four years with the possibility of re-elections.

The Rector is accountable to the Senate for its work in the field of academic matters, and in the domain of business to the Governing Council. The Rector is assisted by the vice-rectors and the secretary.

In the event of absence or impediment in performing his function, the rector is replaced by the vice-rector. The Rector may authorize, in writing, a third person from among the employees, indicating precisely the scope of authority.

The Rector may appoint working or expert groups for the preparation of elaborates, analyzes, proposals, expert opinions necessary for the exercise of their function, or for making decisions of the Governing Council on certain issues.



The rector is assisted by the vice-rectors. Their scope of exercise and the rights and obligations are determined by the Workplace Rules.

The term of office of the vice-rector lasts until the rector’s term expires. The same person may be elected for the vice-rector up to two consecutive times.

The Rector may authorize vice-rectors to replace him in advocacy and representation of the University and in the preparation and conduct of the session of the Senate.