Full-time study

During the study, full-time students have the right and obligation to use the entire educational services provided by the University.

These services include:

– Adequate classrooms and supplies
– IT Labs
– Lectures, exercises, seminars, workshops
– Individual and group tutoring, assistance in preparing presentations, organizing individual
research activities
– Preparation and implementation of tests, quizzes, midterm and final exams
– Supervision of practical work, if it is organized
– Preparation of dissertations and thesis

Students work in groups of not more than 25 persons. Only certain classes, which presuppose an active participation of students, can be organized for larger groups.

Study material is free, unless a student wants to obtain additional books or online material, in which case it has to be paid. The classes are conducted by semesters.

The courses are conducted during the whole semester or through 5-9 week condensed term (depending on the total number of hours prescribed for work).

Students are obliged to attend all the classes and to prepare themselves according to the professors and teaching assistants’ instructions. Students’ accomplishment is permanently monitored.