Mission, Vision, Objective

Through the quality teaching process, creativity, innovation, flexibility, synergy of theoretical and practical work, UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES-CKM MOSTAR will respond to the requirements of society and development trends in various fields. It will continuously monitor and analyze the overall academic and other activities in order to ensure a high level of educational process.

The vision implies overcoming the traditional approach to the educational system, by introducing modern interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scientific researches and practical forms of education, which will enable young people to express their educational and intellectual capabilities in various areas of society, with adherence to high standards of ethics and professional conduct.

Due to the increasing dynamics of social, economic, technological, security and scientific processes, the objective of UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES-CKM MOSTAR is the implementation of the innovative educational strategies that will enable an adequate transfer of knowledge in various fields, in which our students will show the necessary ability to perform more demanding tasks.

Our objectives are, considering the strong connection between education and social development, to participate actively in the positive social transformation and to provide a relevant contribution as professionals.

Moreover, our objective is to prepare future generations to demonstrate their power of youth, their innovative strength, skills and professionalism, and to prepare them to respond to all the challenges of a modern scientific and technological development.