Mother Earth Day

We wish you all a happy Mother Earth Day! To you who listen and take some actions for our planet, and to you who are deaf to all that the planet has to struggle with to clean up the mess that humans have created. A few years ago, I asked “What do you think we can leave to future generations?“, a student of mine answered “I want everything now, I don’t care much what happens tomorrow.“ This answer reflects the way of thinking of a certain number of people in the world. But, why did this student enrol our study when she knew we were guided by human sustainable development? Hopefully, this day, also the day of our University, is celebrated throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and in more than 190 countries around the world.

For that reason, we have to mention the praiseworthy recycling activity by Ekopak- „Put a flower instead of waste and the world will be great“, some activities at Secondary School of Economics, Sarajevo, and a major cleaning and afforestation activities of the site Bijambare, near Sarajevo, organized by Association Let’s Do It. The students of Secondary Medical School in Tuzla also celebrated this day. Our country is not indifferent. The citizens make efforts the way they possibly can.

This year’s slogan in Croatia is “Let’s Protect our Species“, to emphasize the importance of preserving the diversity of the living world and the habitat. In the Republic of Serbia, among other things, they organized a trip with migrants to Bujanovac Lake to clean this natural resort and set up birdhouses. These are some shining examples.

Unfortunately, it has not been like this everywhere. Climate change protests in London were completed by turning the activists off the street. A sixteen-year-old girl, as an activist, had to warn us about our misjudgements related to industry and energy. In 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson was first to bring to public attention the importance of marking this day, and so it began in 1970 with the hope that our cradle- our mother would be more preserved and respected. That is why the UN designated April 22 to be the International Mother Earth Day.

Our mother warns us about the melting glaciers, the floods in Canada, Asia and Europe, about hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, seasonal changes, extinctions of many animal and plant species, some of which (such as bees) are necessary for life preservation.There is so much to write about on this issue, but I believe we all know the consequences of pollution and human negligence.

Happy Mother Earth Day!

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