Dear visitors of our website, dear colleagues, our current students, and above all, our prospective students, welcome to UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES-CKM MOSTAR!

The University has three departments, specifically:

  • Department of Business and Tourism Resources
  • Department of Security Studies
  • Department of Natural Resources, Nutrition and Health

The University also consists of the Institute of Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Biotechnology, whose director is Zoran Trputec, professor emeritus. The undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies at the University are carried out in line with the Bologna process.

We live in times of globalization and integration, striving to a new economy and a new system of values. Knowledge is a natural factor of the future that substitutes energy, raw materials, labor and capital. The national economies lose importance they had. At present, the only certain thing is uncertainty. The economy of today is an economy of changes and new ways of creating values based on knowledge, information, services and green high technology. The only way for further development is creativity and continuous expansion of knowledge.

The period ahead of us is of vital importance. Time is running out, and we have no alternatives. If we want to provide an undisturbed development of society and a decent life for all, the theory of “Human Sustainable Development” should be our priority.

The whole concept of the present and future work of UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES – CKM MOSTAR is based on sustainable development, the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is precisely what life is all about.

By graduating from UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES-CKM MOSTAR, you become a successful manager, an entrepreneur, a security guard, a hotelier or a nutritionist, able to take the leading business positions in the economy and beyond.

At our University, we will provide you with all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, teach you analytical, managerial and comprehensive way of thinking, and prepare you for independent decision making, as well as an efficient and effective teamwork.

We live in turbulent times, times of great changes that require new knowledge and new generations of competent graduates. Thus, I invite you to study at UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES-CKM MOSTAR, and to become a member of our family.

By becoming a part of the dynamic business world and acknowledging the human sustainable development you are giving us a chance to educate you. In return, we guarantee your knowledge, skill, lifelong learning and success in life and work.

Marko Matic, Ph.D.