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Since the foundation of our institution, our first academic steps, we have wanted to create an elite university. And not by our students’ elite car brands, but by the academic aspirations to raise the future leaders of our society and beyond.

In order to achieve this, we need to be scientifically, professionally and ethically trained for it. That is why we are committed to sustainable development to be the backbone of everything we do and offer to society.

In the 21st century, quality of life and even survival of the human species will depend primarily on sustainability of our behavior. It will depend on our natural-ecological and socio-ecological literacy ─ our ability to understand, accept and act on the principles of sustainability and live in harmony with them. These are simple principles of relations, interrelatedness and interdependence.

Understanding of this unity and interrelatedness of each of us is a deep spiritual experience. It overcomes understanding of the world as a deterministic machine composed of parts whose sum is equal to the whole, and where each scientific discipline interprets its part of reality without considering the whole.

As well as other academic institutions, UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCINECES-CKM, Mostar is led by interdisciplinarity, a leading idea of global civilization.

This unity and interrelatedness as a spiritual experience is hard to accept today as part of the academic process, but leaders of the future, apart from the knowledge, will inevitably own this spiritual dimension. They will be “ecologically literate” and lead the society on the principles of sustainable development. In this context, UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES-CKM, Mostar gives its modest contribution.

Zoran Trputec
Edib Šarić



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